… well, more like one genius to be honest (Alan of course!). I have known Alan Jenkins (Deep Freeze Mice, Creams, Chrysanthemums, Cordelia records et cetera) for quite a few years. In fact, ever since I bought my copy of the Mice LP Saw A Ranch House Burning, which must have been in the mid to late 80s. I remember buying the album because I liked the name and the fact it was in the sales bin. Was it at Ding Dong’s in Arnhem? Memory fails me here. Anyways, buying the album led to a lifelong addiction to all things Mice. In fact, I wrote an article on the Mice for Record Collector magazine, which should have been published by now. Alan is a class A guitarist/writer and has a wonderful sense of humour. Much to my surprise, Alan played live with VRIL at Extrapool in Nijmegen on 17 February 2011. What a chance to say hello in person after all these years! An opportunity not to be missed. The picture shows Alan and myself discussing worldwide economics. The VRIL performance (“prog-surf” in Alan’s words) was quite good. VRIL is Lukas Simonis on guitar, Bob Drake on bass, Chris Cutler on drums and Alan on guitar. A special mention goes to Chris Cutler, who amazed me with his jazzy drumming and friendly attitude. All in all a lovely evening.


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