Saturday 2 April 2011 the UNA orchestra played a diner-dansant at the De Waard in the tiny village of Kekerdom. I say tiny and I’m not kidding; Kekerdom has around 540 inhabitants and it seemed they were all present at the diner-dansant. They weren’t really of course, but still around 70 found their way to the restaurant where we played a three hour set (with short breaks to give the horn blowers minor relief), while they ate their meals. During dinner there were demonstrations of the Samba, Rhumba and Jive by a professional dance couple. Great fun! After the demonstration-bits, people danced the night away to our temptuous songs. A really lovely evening, proving the orchestra is vibrant and well. Here’s a nice image of the evening…. More shows are promised, more soul is intended. For those in the know, here’s the setlist for the evening: Tune, Putting on the Ritz, All aboard, Trumpeteer’s holiday, Bubbert kicks back, Pink panther, Sway, Besame mucho, Quantanamera, Mambo nr 5, A night like this, Ole guapa, Sing sing, Mas que nada, Big spender, String of pearls, Rock around the clock, Darktown strutters ball, Basing street blues, Fly me to the moon, Sir Duke, Moon river (I love Moon river – what a great song!), Jumping at the swing traing, Splanky, Vehicle, Mambo jambo, Born to be wild and a host of others.


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  1. no relation to the De Waard from Nijmegen – let it be known

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