… in fact, Beequeen at the Lux on the 18th of May was actually pretty good! And we’ve got the recordings to prove it at our archive site Music For The Head Ballet (see Download them and see if they can put a smile on your face. It turned out to be a great night; around 80 people showed up and enjoyed great sets by Beequeen, Use of Ashes and The Legendary Pink Dots. The Beequeen stage looked like a small, surreal blue room, which fitted us three. Just. Olga looked smashing as always (changing dresses midway) and Frans wore a tie. All hail to merry hare Raymond Steeg who provided us with a stage and sound, Jesse for the light and Charles for the merchandise. It all looked and sounded very professional. Before the show we enjoyed dinner with our friends at De Plak in Nijmegen, which was more than 20 years ago since I last ate there. Interestingly enough, the menu hadn’t changed much. Lux in Wonderland was basically just that; three small bands, each with their own identity, no egos, just the drive to create a very special night. Certainly worth considering repeating! The Beequeen setlist consisted of: Bring In The Sheep, Breathe, Someday Today, The Lord Is My Shepherd, Gilbert, Giant’s Hill, Sad Sheep, The Maypole Song, Fine Day, The Honeythief, White Bike. The last one was a surprise to many!


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