So it’s been a bit of a wait, but Beam Ends is extremely proud to present AT HOME AT LAST by FREIBAND. This cassette-only release features 6 songs from the archives of Frans de Waard’s project Freiband, which were carefully selected by the Beam Ends Review Team.

The first side features 4 songs: Kapotte Muziek by ? [1] (2008), Well (2001), BCN (2003) and Unter den Linden (2001?), whereas the second side features two songs Tilos (2001-2002) and An invited guest (2004). All songs are previously unreleased.

The cassette comes in a glorious color cover and is limited to 30 copies only. So get your copy while stock lasts!

One copy will cost you 4 Euros (excluding postage), wholesale (more than one copy) will set you back a very reasonable 3 Euros (excluding postage).

To order your copy (or copies) please send an e-mail to



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