So Miranda and I went to see the Beatles. Courtesy of free tickets from Miranda’s boss (thanks Wim!). Not the Real Beatles mind, but the Cavern Beatles, who, like the Real Ones hail from Liverpool. It was a most surreal experience. Some of the Cavern lads actually looked the part (John – scaringly so, Ringo) whereas others didn’t (Paul – who looked a bit like Whitney Houston and George – who looked… strange). They are certainly professionals; the clothing, the mop tops, the equipment, the movements – it was all there. Their playing is great and proves what you can do with just 2 guitars, 1 bass, 1 set of drums and a couple of good tunes. Watching Ringo’s drumpatterns live was fascinating – he is a very underestimated drummer. What was most refreshing was the lack of any “show”. It was just the musicians, a backdrop of one colour and the music. First the early 60s stuff and then the late 60s stuff, carefully avoiding the Srg. Pepper stuff (which is fine by me as I’m not such a big fan of Pepper anyways – except of course for Penny Lane), changing clothes midway. The audience was spectacular too; not many under 65s. All grey haired or balded boppers. When the Cavern boys started singing I though I heard some weird reverb on their vocals until I realized (we were front row seated) it wasn’t reverb but the audience singing along! In all, a great evening – as said, quite surreal – but great fun. If you want to see the Cavern Capers in action, have a peek at their website at www.cavernbeatles.com. Coincidentally, Paul McCartney is playing Rotterdam in March this year. Tickets are close to 100 Euros. Slightly more expensive than the Cavern Laddies…


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