Remember that a long time ago UK music magazine mentioned the new Beequeen CD in the list of “most anticipated releases”? Well, the CD is out now and their review of Port Out Starboard Home was published in the recent issue of Record Collector. Here goes:

Beequeen – Port Out Starboard Home ****

Sublime dream-pop

Beequeen have been releasing records for over 23 years, the duo of Frans de Waard and RC contributor Freek Kinkelaar amassing over 20 albums in that time. Musically, they’ve explored sonic textures covering everything from drones, ambient twirls and cover versions, to a fascination with dream-pop, which began in 2001 on the Ownliness LP. In recent years, Beequeen have drafted in Olga Wallis – first making an appearance on Sandancing, and here acting as a full blown band member. Her voice adds to a vibrant album: it’s wondrous how the dreamy vocal recordings such as The Centipede Song and Giant’s Hill are interspaced with experimental textures, which gives the album focus and a sense of journey. Saying that, it’s annoying that the jazzy instrumental A Gall Ill Sow, is only 1.08 long! Fans of Everything But The Girl, Swing Out Sister and, of course, Stereolab will love this. The whole ends with The Lord Is My Shepherd – not a cover version, but a wonderful piece of ambient sonics complete with sampled lambs. Ian Shirley

Wow! Not bad eh?


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