Last week I felt a strong desire to listen to “McCartney”, the first LP Paul McCartney recorded after leaving the Beatles. It is truly a great album and far better than most critict would care/dare to admit. When I played it, I realized how dearly I loved this record. Then I thought, what other records do I love that much and decided to compile this list. Of course the list is, luckily, subject to change and depends on the mood I’m in, but basically I’ve compiled 35 albums – in alphabetical order – that are special to me for various reasons. There are loads others. As you can imagine, all of these are highly recommended and some fun can be had in checking out if there are records in the list you love as well. Wouldn’t that be great? And when you’re curious about the music, just point your browser to the internet where I’m sure they can be located for purchase or download. Of course, not ALL my favorite albums are in this list – it’s just a special selection made on a sunny day…


Alice Cooper – Special Forces (Warner 1981)

Ruriko Asaoka – Kokoro No Uramado (Teichiku 1970)

Beatles – Beatles (Apple 1968)

Brainticket – Celestial Ocean (RCA 1973)

Come – Come Present Rampton (Come Organization 1980)

Wayne County – Things Your Mother Never Told You (Safari 1979)

Miles Davis – Kind Of Blue (Columbia 1959)

Deep Freeze Mice – My Geraniums Are Bulletproof (Mole Enbalming 1979)

Dexys Midnight Runners – Don’t Stand Me Down (Creation 1985)

Electric Chairs – Electric Chairs (Safari 1978)

Electric Prunes – Mass In F Minor (Reprise 1967)

De Fabriek – Neveleiland (De Fabriek 1983)

Gerogerigegege – Senzuri Champion (Vis-A-Vis 1987)

Paul Giovanni And Magnet – The Wicker Man (Trunk 1998)

Randy Greif – Alice In Wonderland (Staalplaat 1993)

Hafler Trio – Hotondo Kiki Torenai (AQM 1985)

Hani Mio – Mio To 11 Piki No Neko (Warner 1972)

Toshi Ichiyanaga – Opera From The Works Of Tadanori Yokoo (The End 1969)

Edward Ka-Spel – Eyes! China Doll (Scarface 1983)

Itoh Kiyoko – Woman At 23 Hours – Love In (Sony 1969)

KLF – Chill Out (KLF Communications 1990)

Legendary Pink Dots – Premonition (Flowmotion 1983)

Legendary Pink Dots – Asylum (PIAS 1985)

Mari Sono – Mari Sono Sings Japanese Folk Songs (Polydor 1968)

Paul McCartney – McCartney (Apple 1970)

Mekanik Kommando – Shadow Of A Rose (Rosebud 1986)

Oval – 94Diskont (Mille Plateaux 1994)

Lou Reed – Berlin (RCA 1973)

Kevin Rowland – My Beauty (Creation 1992)

Oskar Schlemmer – Das Triadische Ballet (Beam Ends 2009)

Leonard Bernstein – West Side Story (CBS 1961)

Swans – Soundtracks For The Blind (Young God 1997)

Tenpole Tudor – Eddie, old Bob, Dick and Gary (Stiff 1981)

Derek Jarman – Blue (Mute 1994)

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Where’s my daddy? (Amos 1969)






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2 responses to “MARTHA MY DEAR

  1. Mari van Stokkum

    Beste Freek Kinkelaar,
    Interessante lijst die je hier post! Ik ben al een lange tijd op zoek naar het Mio Hani album, eigenlijk sinds ik de film “Yôsei no Uta” van vader Susumu Hani heb gezien, waarin Mio de hoofdrol speelt. Helaas is het album onvindbaar, zowel op blogs als op cd sites. Heb jij het toevallig op je computer?
    Vriendelijke groet, Mari

    • Dag Mari, Helaas heb ik de LP wel, maar niet een digitale versie. Dat gaat mij, qua tijd, helaa ook niet lukken om te maken. Tiliqua in Japan verkoopt momenteel een exemplaar. Even zoeken op Google op Tiliqua records.
      Succes, groet, Freek

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