I’d forgotten all about this review of The Beekeeper’s Dream, which was published in Record Collector magazine in September 2006. What a lovely surprise to see this back last night, whilst rummaging through some old copies of the magazine! Coincidentally, I still have a few copies of this album for sale. It’s sold out on vinyl and CD at the record company, so you might want to get your copy straight from the Sales Department of these pages. Incidentally, the picture is the original painting, which was used for the cover. I tried to buy this from the artist, Heather Gorham, but unfortunately it was already sold…

BRUNNEN – THE BEEKEEPER’S DREAM (LP + bonus LP picture disc, also CD) ****

RC correspondent and Beequeen member Freek Kinkelaar has finally gathered together the solo recordings he’s made under the Brunnen monnicker and, self-referencing element aside, The Beekeeper’s Dream is one of the most apt record titles ever. Effortlessly creating its own ambience and fitting most comfortably within “folktronica”, this is the sort of thing a Dutch Syd Barratt would have envisioned. Recorded between 1992 en 2005, most of the 13 tracks here have already seen an extremely limited release on little-known labels, and are long since lost to collectors of the obscure. This release, however, is only going to address the problem for a little while, as there are merely 1000 CD pressings and 400 LP’s – 200 of which come with a free picture disc LP, Tippoo’s Tiger parts one and two. Despite the time disparity in recording, The Beekeeper’s Dream is a perfect whole, Rupert Writes A Rainbow being a particular highlight, with its spooky sample of children’s voices. And with his own voice somewhere between Nick Drake and Nico on a slow samba-like version of The Jungle Book’s Trust In Me, Kinkelaar takes Kaa’s original, evil intentions, and makes them sound even more sinister. Happily wandering back to the collectors of the obscure, then. (Jason Draper).

Pretty wow eh?


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