And about bloody time too! So I was too young first time around – this was back in 1981 remember. Adam had just scored an immense hit with Stand And  Deliver and they were touring Europe. Alas. Not for me. So, some 31+ odd years later I got another shot when Adam (no more Ants) played the The Hague Parkpop festival on 24 June as a very unlikely main act. And what a lovely evening we had; gushes of wind and blasts of rain tormented The Netherlands during the day, but lo and behold! The evening gave us a tiny sun and the end of cloud splitting. Adam was a gas; he looked well enough and still dapper – even though I’m not sure about a man of 50+ ripping open his t-shirt only to reveal a second t-shirt with his own image underneath. I guess it’s all only rock and roll. Adam and his merry band ripped through a greatest hits set, not forgetting the faithful by including older tracks as Zerox and Cartrouble. In all, a lovely conclusion to a horrifyingly bad summers day.


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