Beequeen played live on 18 October at the local library in Nijmegen. For free. We did a fine set, introducing two new songs (The bookcatchers song and The sleeper) from the upcoming Beequeen album Around Midnight. Around 30 people were kind enough to come and watch us play. The sound was great thanks to soundman Raymond Steeg. After the performance a girl in the audience threw a pair of knickers on the “stage”. The knickers were gratiously received, and were later discreted behind a row of books in the library. Wouldn’t it be great if someone finds them  after many moons? The set was recorded on video and can be found on the Mariënburg Library Facebooksite:!/pages/Nijmegen-Unplugged/187238124672980. A download of the full audio for the show can be found here: The setlist for the performance: Bring in the sheep, Breathe, Someday today, Shame, The Lord is my shepherd, Gilbert, The bookcatchers song, Sad sheep, Fine day, The maypole song, The honeythief, The sleeper.


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