Arent’t they just a bunch of lovelies? Ever since Swans released their opus magnum and one of my all time favorite albums Soundtracks for the Blind, I have a weak spot for these party crackers. Last night I saw them live (for the third time) in Doornroosje, Nijmegen. They were impressive for sure and I really enjoyed the first three quarters of the show, but it has to be said: they played incredibly (and I mean really incredibly) loud. So loud, their show became more of a physical thing than a musical thing. For me, too much so and I left slightly early with, despite ear plugs, a beep in my ears. Beeps in ears cannot be the goal of music. Therefore I would like to make two pleads for music concerts in general (and Swans particularly): 1. Stop playing at nonsense volumes and 2. Startconcerts on time. Do not insult your audience (as band) and clients (as concert hall) by starting one hour late, causing people to have to leave before the end of the show in order to catch their trains. End of rant. Now back to work.


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