On Friday 14 June Beequeen performed live at Tilburg’s Paradox club. Frans and I visited Paradox in May 2006 when Whitehouse played at the tiny club, which was, at that time, little more than a concrete hole – perfect for Whitehouse’s harsh noise. But how things have changed: Paradox in 2013 has turned into a wonderful jazzy lounge, perfect for Beequeen’s soft surreal songs. We played a brief set as warm up for Mercy Giants, who presented their new album to the world, and we all had a great time. Sure, things went out of control for “Fly”, but other songs went like a dream. We premiered some brand new tracks (“Sturmwind” and a new version of “Black Eyed Dog”), revisited some classics (“Honeythief”) and even got an encore (“The Maypole Song”). Frans debuted his Brian Eno-look and I wore a hat. Olga looked gorgeous as always. As said, a nice evening with a lovely audience and even lovelier friends present.

For more information about Mercy Giants and their new album, please visit



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