It’s been a while, so time for a few updates!
The new Brunnen album “Sometimes my arms bend back” is on schedule for a release this Summer. The trackslisting has been finalized, the songs have been lovingly mastered by Raymond Steeg and the cover design has been agreed upon. I’m currently writing the credits, so all is well on the Brunnen front. Or is it?
The new Beequeen album “Around midnight” will be released in October this year on Catsun records in Poland.
More Beequeen: we’re recording a single “Sturmwind/Gilbert” with Use of Ashes-producer Peter van Vliet, who also produced the “Around midnight” album.
I’ve bought a Gibson SG Junior from 1965 (much like the one pictured above). Am I mad? Slightly perhaps.
Currently I’m listening to “I like God’s way”, the amazing album by 16 year old Isabel Baker. Also from 1965. Coincidence or fate? My guess would be coincidence. It’s a fanastic record and my copy, which arrived yesterday, is completely beaten up. As small compensation it’s signed by Isabel on the front cover… Bliss!
I’m also on Facebook these days, where I post the occasional tit bit of information and reply to all things unimportant.


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