KORLA is a documentary about one of the most mysterious and enigmatic stars of the early days of television.

As Korla Pandit stared into the studio cameras of Los Angeles TV Station KTLA and mesmerized audiences while playing Indian-inspired compositions and popular tunes of the day on the newly introduced Hammond organ, he never spoke a word. While his intense and charismatic gaze captivated audiences in the 1950’s, the story behind those hypnotic eyes, told in KORLA, proves to be one of the more compelling tales in the history of show business.

John Turner and Eric Christensen have completed principal shooting and editing of an hour-and-a-half documentary and are now in need of funds to compete the project.

While the project up until now has been funded out of pocket, more money is needed to finish editing, audio mixing, graphics, and the acquisition and licensing of historic film clips and music rights.

A Kickstarter campain has started to raise the necessary remaining funding. Your contribution is much appreciated. For more information about KORLA please click here Your help in preserving the memory of one of the greatest start of the early days of television is more than appreciated.

Feel free to visit Korla’s official website at


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