Time for some quality time at Chez Kinkelaar! I know, it has been an inexcusable period of silence – it’s not that nothing has happened believe me. A while ago, for instance, I was contacted by Andrew Liles, who is not only a great musician whose albums you should buy, but is also a dear good friend. Andrew asked me if I wanted to participate in his ’10 Questions’ project, in which he asks ten identical questions to, in his words “inspirational friends, creative individuals, artists and musicians that I have either worked with or whose art I respect and admire”. Who could resist an invitation like that? My paltry answers are lost in an ocean of really interesting ones, which you can find here.

I am very proud to announce the imminent release of the new Beequeen single “Sturmwind” coupled with “Gilbert”. It’s a double A side single really, both songs are quite special. The single will be released on Dutch quality label Tonefloat records, home of many-a-great artists including The Use of Ashes. Incidentally, it was The Use of Ashes’ Peter van Vliet who turned both songs into something quite extraordinary in the studio. Quite recently we received test pressings of the single – yes, the one I’m holding in the picture – which unfortunately we had to reject due to distortion and low dynamics. Both songs really cry for the highest pressing quality possible. The single will be out this year. 2015. Promise.

Already available is the Freek Kinkelaar song “The Speed Of Now” on a compilation CD entitled “A Brained Hefty Yeti Fry”. No kidding. 515 numbered copies were made to celebrate the label, Beta Lactam Ring records’ birthday. I am very happy to be featured on the CD, even though I haven’t heard the results yet. Soon, no doubt. Also on the disc are Legendary Pink Dots, La STPO, Rick Reed and a host of others.

A few months ago I was invited by Jeff Benech of French label Mecanique Populaire to participate in his Asylum-project. Asylum being the 1985 double album by Legendary Pink Dots of which, thirty years after its initial release, MP intends to release a CD featuring cover versions of all its tracks. Jeff asked me to cover the beautiful song Golden Dawn, which is one of my favourites on the album. I jumped at the chance. Curious what I made of the song? Why not contact Jeff and reserve your copy?

For those interested in my whereabouts on a slightly more day-to-day level, you can seek me out on Facebook, where I post the occasional titbit. I’m a bit selective when it comes to accepting friends, so if you post in some foreign language beyond my comprehension (Russian, Chinese etc), if you enjoy posting pictures of your daily food, update your photo every day and nothing else or post political/racial nonsense, don’t be offended if I don’t add you to my online friends. We’re both better off without each other.

Allow me to sign off with some of my recent purchases, which have made me very happy: Virginia Astley’s beautiful From Gardens Where We Feel Secure LP, the quite bizarre Chant For Your Plant by Ann Chase, the Music For Mark Ryden’s Blood by Stan Ridgway and Pietra Wextun, the soundtrack to Solaris by Eduard Artemiev, jazz singer Rita Reys 1956 debut The Cool Voice Of Rita Reys, my favourite John Bender album I Don’t Remember Now, records by Gary Wilson, Takumi Akaishi, Bernard Herrmann, the debut cassette by The Marine Girls on In Phaze, the beautiful reissue of And Life Is by Moral and many many more…


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