Freek Kinkelaar biography

Active since the 1980s, Kinkelaar is a Dutch musician and composer best known for his work in Beequeen and Brunnen. He is a free lance writer for Record Collector Magazine and Vital Weekly. Active in various genres of music, such as ambient, electronics, pop and avant-garde, Kinkelaar describes his music as ‘surreal pop’.


1966 Born in the Dutch city of Utrecht.

1984 Starts writing songs and experimenting with sound.

1985 – 1993 Studies in Nijmegen and Arnhem, title Master of Education in the Arts.

1986 – 1987 Forms first band The Honeymooners, rehearsal tapes exist.

1987 Forms Dar Pomorza with Rop Woesthoff. Live debut 1987 in total chaos. Dar Pomorza releases one cassette.

Also publishes various volumes of Nivo Stilo, a Dadaistic art magazine, and one edition of poetry with Rop Woesthoff.

1988 Forms Beequeen with Frans de Waard. 1989 live debut in Utrecht. 1997 performance for Dutch national radio. 2003 tour in America with Andrew Liles. 2007 vocalist Olga Wallis joins. 2011 tour in Russia. 2015 Frans de Waard leaves Beequeen. Kinkelaar releases 22 albums with Beequeen.

1989 – 2015 Solo project Brunnen. 1995 live debut in France. Kinkelaar releases 8 albums as Brunnen. The final album as Brunnen is released in 2015. He records solo music under several pseudonyms as well as his own name.

1989 and 1991 Performs live with American noise/performance artists The Haters.

1990 – 1992 Presents Art and Noise, a radio show for illegal local radio station Radio Rataplan, with Frans de Waard.

1992 Apprenticeship with Paul Panhuysen from The Apollohuis in Eindhoven, produces several albums released on Apollohuis Records.

1994 – Forms conceptual fan club for the works of Catalan artist Jordi Valls.

1995 – Writes for UK music magazine Record Collector Magazine and Vital Weekly online music magazine.

2001 – Forms Wander with Frans de Waard, releasing 7 albums so far, all titled Wander.

2007 Provides vocals on Andrew Liles CD Black Hole.

2010 Provides vocals on Nurse With Wound album The Memory Surface.

2015 Release of Korla, a documentary film about Korla Pandit, godfather of American exotica. Kinkelaar is featured in the film and runs Pandit’s official website.

2015 From now on, Kinkelaar records solo material under his own name.

2016 Release of Sturmwind, the final Beequeen single in this formation.

2016 – Forms The Blue Mask, a Lou Reed tribute.







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