“One day, at bandcamp…”


The BRUNNEN archive is now available as download at Bandcamp!

If you like your things virtual, why not check out the following albums:

1. The garden of perpetual dreams (1991)

2. Swoon (1993)

3. Lure (1994)

4. Goodbye bye Brunnen (1997)

5. The beekeeper’s dream (2006)

6. Tippoo’s tiger (2006)

Enter the world of magic at


And while you’re at it, why not check out BEEQUEEN at Bandcamp?

Beequeen offers both new and deleted albums via bandcamp as official download.

Available so far are:

1. Anthology 1 (the compilation tracks 1989-1997)

2. Anthology 2 (the compilation tracks 1997-2007)

3. Sugarbush – the beginnings (1995)

4. Aughton (2004)

Download away at


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