PAUL PANHUYSEN 1934 – 2015


On 29 January 2015 Paul Panhuysen passed away. Paul was one of the most important sound artists in the Netherlands and curator of the Apollohuis in Eindhoven where many legendary sound artists performed. His importance and influence on the world of sound should not be underestimated.

He was also the person who immediately said yes when I applied for my apprenticeship for the Academy of Arts where I studied. And so, in October and November 1992, I travelled daily from Arnhem to Eindhoven to work with Paul and his wife Helene at the Apollohuis.

However, this is not about me, this is about Paul. After his studies of Sociology and Arts, his works always strived for the improvement of people’s daily life. Active since the mid 50s, his work can perhaps best be described as abstract minimalism. His sound installations, for which Paul is perhaps best known, consisted of long strings placed in various settings played by hand. For an audio document look no further than the beautiful three album box set “Long String Installations”. He was also active in the Maciunas Ensemble (named in honor of George Maciunas, the fluxus artist). Among his many awards for this works, was the Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw, given to him by her majesty the queen of the Netherlands.

I have always had happy memories about my brief time at the Apollohuis for which I have the very kind and gentle Paul to thank. I am saddened to hear of his passing.



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