In August last year a Kickstarter campaign was organized to finish the documentary filmmakers John Turner and Eric Christensen were filming on Korla Pandit. Within a brief period, the money needed was raised. Quite recently, the resulting film Korla, was entered in various film festivals in the US. Being filmed for the film, I had the privilege of viewing the film last night. Often hailed as the godfather of exotica, the film shows there is so much more to Korla Pandit that his turban and his incredible playing. The film is a revelation – in more than one way.

As you will understand it is impossible for me to spoil the fun for all you potential viewers by telling you about the content in detail, but allow me to say that I was both impressed and touched by the film. I would highly recommend everyone with an interest in Korla Pandit, his person, his music or a genuine interest in the workings of the human psyche to catch Korla at one of its appearances at film festivals. It’s a flabbergasting and very human story.

As ‘curator’ of the Korla Pandit website, I am in the film for maybe a minute. More than enough I’d say.

All you need to know about Korla the film can be found on the Facebook site, including screening dates and locations.


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