Last few months I have been very busy working on the start of a new musical adventure: The Blue Mask. Named after the 1982 album by Lou Reed, the band will focus on playing the album in full in theaters. The live performances feature, pictured from left to right, Stefan van Rijswijk on bass and vocals, me on guitar and vocals, Jeroen van den Berg drums and Maurice Snijders on guitar. The first show, a try-out, is planned for 10 January in Pand P in Eindhoven. More information about the performance can be found here. We intend to do more shows, starting in the summer of 2017. These shows will also feature visual aspects, such as films and slide projections. A new website will be online soon.

Other updates: I’ve recorded two songs, which might find their way out into the open later in 2017. Under which name they will appear is not decided yet. Brunnen? Beequeen? Freek Kinkelaar? The Smurfs? We’ll see. No rush.

A re-release of Korla Pandit’s best album ‘Meditation Volume 1’ has been realized for Lovington Industries. It is available on cassette; both a regular and a very special edition. Get your copies here. Meanwhile, ‘Korla, the movie’ featuring all of 30 seconds of me, has been released on DVD. Cool!

Picture courtesy of Johan Hahn, SKIDIZ



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